eCraft trolley does not move to the left

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eCraft trolley does not move to the left

After 2 years a 3 months, suddenly, my ecraft have started to misbehave. Either cutting from SD card or from the PC, the trolley does not move to the left. I have use my cutter sparingly and treating it with care so it must be some mechanical or electronic issue. Overall these 2 years, the cuter have been giving me headaches, as i get unsuccessful cuts very often (yes, I set cutting settings correctly, but the machines sucks when cutting intricate or thin designs, tearing paper very often) and I never get to draw, as the pen never exercise enough pressure over the paper and I have wasted money in pens (5 or more) that never get to work. 
I'm out of warranty so probably fixing the problem is going to be more expensive that buying a new one, if I find somebody willing to take care of my problem. Sucks, basically! E craft costumer service, what u recommend me? (very upset). Im not gonna recommend your machine, that for sure. 


Hello, I also have a problem to draw and like you, it came suddenly... Now the pen never touch the paper so it's impossible to raw. I have sent a message to the consumer support. If I have an answer I'll tell you.



the same has happened to me. I have been having problems and headaches whenever I have used this machine and now not having it moving left has been the last straw. Really dissapointed and a waste of money, time, energy and good moments. This is a machine I bought for my hobby and if every time I use it I get frustrated and angry, it loses its function really. I would contact customer service, but unfortunately I live in Europe and I don't think it will help. Also I can see the previous messages have not been answered. Really unhappy.