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die cutter machine

My die cutter machine is making a horrible grinding noise when I try to cut from the software.   THe trolley won't move from the left side and just makes a horrible grinding noise when trying to cut images from the store or just using the text boses.  I will cut the preloaded images.   anyone?  I am  baffled.   It is barely 2 years old with hardly any usage.   


look at you tube


I cant download the new software so I am missing some tools


I am having trouble cutting from the computer. I have drawn a simple shape on the mat, ie a circle within a square. I wanted 3 of these.
The cutter did the first 2 perfectly and on the third shape,  cut the circle but not the square.!!!
I had individually sent the information to the cutter for each shape so there is no reason that I can figure why it would do the first 2 and not the 3rd one. 
I have had this happen on previous occasions with different shapes with multiple cuts... cuts one or two sucessfully then mysteriously  misses out on part of subsequent shapes. HELP.
I have sent an email to support but am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.


having similar issues