eBosser totally jammed with embossing folder

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eBosser totally jammed with embossing folder

I thought my eBosser had loosened up a little, and I had just embossed something without problem with an 8"x8" folder, sent through an A4  Crafts Too embossing folder and it went nearly all the way then reversed, but it ended up jammed half and half. 

I tried to advance it more with the button but it didn't work much. Since them both myself and my husband have been trying with the rubber mallet and piece of wood, switching to non rubber mallet, half a bottle of washing up liquid squirted round it and between panels but still we can't shift it.
Hubby took it to work for his mate to have a go - still jammed. 
Shall I put it in the bin he asked, how much do they cost - ah well it has "had it" now. I didn't hear an offer to replace it in there anywhere lol.

Any ideas, before it goes in the bin?