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Ecraft Not Working

I have downloaded the new software update for the MTC. So I decided to dust my ecraft off, so I watched the tutorials on using the ecraft to make sure I remembered how to cut. Previously I was able to cut with the SD Card and some cutting from the software and it worked. I got frustrated with the software and put it away. When trying to cut from the SD Card it goes thru all the motions that it is cutting and drawing, but the blue light doesn't come on to recognize the paper and you don't hear the clicking sound that it is cutting. I have tried different papers and a new blade, but no cutting or drawing.

Is there something else I need to try?



Hi Teresa,

First off, double check to make sure that the blade trolley is all the way down. The next thing I would recommend doing is to use a cardstock stabilizer with a piece of cardstock and set the pressure to 6 to see what happens. This may or may not cut it all the way through but you should see something happening. If you would like to e-mail me to walk through it with you, my e-mail is on my blog (link below).


I am having the same problem. can i email you?


Of course, just let me know as much as you can about your issue.


Hi my software wont send my design to my machine when I click send to ecraft nothing happends have tried unplugging usb any help would be wonderful


Hi, I have managed to get the software to send to cutter but cannot work aout the orientation when its there, I keep getting what should be the edge of my design, in the middle! Also there is no setting in the mat size for A4, what setting should I use. Another problem is when the machine is cutting on the back edge, it slides about and consequently rips paper. You may have worked it out thet I am very new to all this LOL


Hello Jess!,

The orientation of the software is actual rotated when cutting from the eCraft. For example, the image placed on your upper left corner of your Virtual Cutting Grid within the software will begin cutting on the lower right of your material in the eCraft.

If the material is not gripped on the back edge, the paper is too small for the design or perhaps the trolley is not positioned properly on the paper to allow for the design size to fit within the paper. This will most likely be corrected as you understand the shifting orientation of the image when using the software.

Currently the software allows you to adjust height of your virtual cutting grid, and will prompt you to do so when selecting 'New Project' from the 'File' menu. Future releases of the software will allow you to adjust the width of the Virtual Cutting Grid.

I hope this helps! If you have any remaining questions, feel free to contact the Tech Support Department by emailing They will be happy to help!

Thank you,
Team Craftwell


I'm having the same problem as Jess... The cutter starts out fine, then cuts off the page, or starts cutting long straight lines. I have been using 12 x 12 paper, so it must be an orientation problem. I am using SCUL. Is there a way to adjust the orientation?


Hi boxylady,

Below is a link to a video that I did on my blog that explains the orientation for SCAL 3. Hope that helps!

When I cut a shape using the on screen menu and SD card, the eCraft will cut just fine.

Every time I try to cut using eCraftShop Pro or Make the Cut software from the computer, the following happens:

1. The cutting head moves to the left
2. Hits the edge
3. There is a loud grinding sound that doesn't stop
4. I hit reset or power off to stop the sound

Please Help! This is very frustrating.


You are going to need to contact Craftwell tech support on this one. They will know what to do, and their customer support is excellent!


The sensors may have locked the trolley. This is a safety feature, that the newer models have. Simply press both of the side sensors(the buttons that the trolley or cutting head rest on when machine is not in use) at the same time, once and RESET the machine. The trolley will unlock itself and cut fine. If this is only happening when on the software, please contact our technical department for further assistance at

Team Craftwell

You say this is a safety feature on the newer machines, if i did the firmware update on one of the original machines will it do this?



The safety feature that the trolley locks in on ALL models, not just the newer or updated ones.