Using M-Bossibilities

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Using M-Bossibilities

What is the formula to use with Spellbinders M-Bossibilities? when I use the recommenended for embossing folders, it ejects and when I try other combos it won't accept for being too thin.
Kathy E



The combination is the following.

From top to bottom:

Platform C
Embossing Folder
Platform B
Shim (E)
Platform D

Team Craftwell


Hi only got my machine today what is shim E
thanks gill



It's wonderful to read all these different 'sandwhich' plans. Is there a way a folder for them can be made so that they land in ONE place for future use for those like me, just joining. I"m sure, with this being a new machine, a new board, there is alot for us all to learn. Having folders set up somehow would help everyone.
One central location for us to all find the 'sandwhich' plans..

Just a thought I'd thought best to share..........

Have a great creative day!

:) Febe


why do some peoples ebossers come with magnetic shim and some with shim E
mine doesn't have a shim E so how do i use the spellbinder embossing dies as have loads of them

my friends machine has the shim E but she doesn't have the magnetic sheet and our books are slightly different too both in UK but bought from different shops


That sandwich for the mbossabilities does NOT work...other people gave other sandwiches but I thought I should stick to what you guys say...I will go try there sandwiches frustrating!!


Hello Everyone,

You can find all of our platform combinations under the Products> eBosser. Here is a direct link:

Team Craftwell


I just tried the Craftwell recommended sandwich with an M-Bossabilities folder and the embossing is not crisp and clear at all. You can barely see it. I then tried the sandwich for regular embossing folders (I had two folders on the plate) and it went part way and then rejected. The folder that did get embossed came out beautifully. The machine rejected the plates before the second one embossed. Is there another sandwich we can use for M-Bossabilities folders?

kalynnatk's been a week and no reply from the Craftwell people? Guess I have to seek my answers elsewhere!



We have the above combination as the M bossobilities sandwich. If you feel your are having issues with your machine, try our support.

That is the combination we have, and our design team has used it, with no issues.

Team Craftwell