so dissapointed

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so dissapointed

received my ebosser yesterday and all seemed well
tried all my different dies and all worked well even offered it a sandwich which was too thick and it rejected it which was amazing
went to show hubby tonight as he had been working away and wanted to show him how it rejected a sandwich that is couldn't cope with and couldn't believe it (as i had offered it the same as yesterday) when it took in the sandwich and has now jammed it won't spit it out and can't take it any further. so much for the magic eye.
what do i do now i'm stuck with a machine i can't use becuase it has failed to carry out one of the actions that is one of it's selling points " it won't take a sandwich that isn't suitable" well this one has.
what do i do? do i ring the shop i bought it from and ask for an exchange


Hi Gil,
I'm sorry to read of your problem. But if it were me, yes, I'd call the shop where I bought it, and see how they handle it. Since it's new, it should be replaced right off. From there I'd contact the manufacturer.

I didn't know that one of the selling points was that it would not accept a sandwich that it couldn't handle. I did experience one Cheery Lynn die that the machine would not accept. It's a new die and I plan to run it thru the Sizzix machine today, just to see. (dI bought both at a convention from an out of state vendor this past Saturday -11/3/12-)

I've also noticed after using the over plate a few times it starts to warp... (despite my turning it over and around each time) and then that became a problem going into the machine. Instead of sliding in, it went in half way, then backed itself out. I looked all inside to make sure nothing was jammed, and didn't see an 'eye', nor anything blocking the sandwich. I tried again. Same thing happened.

So next I tried holding the plate down, a lite bit of pressure where it warped upward, and bam! it just rolled thru the machine like nothing. So I think based on what I've tried, when a sandwich backs out, perhaps look at the plates, did they warp? Try holding them down as it all glides into the machine.

I know Gil that this won't help you right now, I just to share what I found out, and to let you know someone heard you. Please write and let us know what happens next for you and your machine.

:) Thinking good thoughts,

Febe :)
P.S. I"m very interested in purchasing some extra plates so that I always have some on hand.
I'm not a big fan of the warp hump! LOL


I have suffered the same problem,unpacked the eBoss at 10am (GMT) waited until 8pm (GTM) to use it as it was very cold when I unpacked it, when I tried to switch machine on it wouldn`t work,no power going to machine, checked fuse it seemed as if it wasn`t connecting, I had a wall socket cable the same as the cable for eBoss connected it & eBoss whirred into life grabbing embossing plates I had prepared to use, the result was the plates mis-aligned & stuck in eBoss machine wouldn`t reverse them & I cannot get them out of machine, I e-mailed vendor about problem & they want me to take machine to post office & post it back to them, as it is heavy there is no way I can do as they request plus how I can pack it up back in the boxes it came in with the plates still in the machine beats me. I cannot contact the vendor until after Monday as there is a big craft show on this week-end at the NEC in Birmingham, have you managed to release your plates Gilyflower?


hi thanks for your replies
was advised by the craftwell team on the blog to use a rubber mallet must be rubber and tap the plates from the back end to loosen then they will come out.did this and now they are out and the machine seems to be working fine at the moment.
all that concerns me is is this going to happen evertime we put something in thats a bit thick. i am dying to cut chipboard but don't know if it will take it or not. so that's my question for the day
has anyone cut chipboard with the sizzix dies using the sandwich given in the booklet and did it work or do you have a jammed machine now. never been so nervous using a die cutting machine and i have had them all over the years i dare say i will get used to it it just worries me that it doesn't reverse when it takes something in that's a bit thick as that would be the sensible thing for it to do not to just grab them and switch off. hope everyone who are having problems are getting them sorted. gill x


I also had a jam happen on the first day of use...I tried something that was just too big. I just keep turning the machine off and on and giving a little push each time and it finally (did not take too long either) released the plates the correct way. All has been well every since!!


i was tempted to do this (photopam) but i was scared of blowing the machine so you were braver than me lol. but at least we all have our plates out and can play. bit of a frustrating start though. just hope it's not going to keep happening
also i agree with one of the other ladies a sticky folder with just posts of sandwiches would be great for anyone that isn't sure of a sandwich for a specific die do you think we could have this craftwell thanks gill xx


Hi everyone,

The rubber mallet method is the best method to release plates that get stuck because of wrong combination or too thick of a sandwich. What happens is, the motor shut off before it can reject the combo. To avoid this, simply position plates at opening, give a tiny push (minimal effort) and let the machine pull the combination in, if you have to do a push far in with some effort yourself, the sandwich is probably wrong or too thick. Be sure to contact our customer support for any questions regarding combinations if you are unsure! We are here to assist you!

Team Craftwell


Hi I have just received my eBosser and when I put the folder that came with it through, it went nearly all the way then went backwoods and it isn't fully embossed, left about an inch or so ..why???



Try putting a piece of copy paper as a shim. This will help it go through with no issues!

Team Craftwell


Hi, got my long awaited machine here in South Africa yesterday. I tried my new emboss folder and love the pattern using different card stock.(from Worldwin) Then I tried some of my Spellbinders, but found the first lot didn't cut near the centre of the plate. I even added another card stock in between plates and only used one spellbinder in the centre. After putting it through twice is still didn't cut. Well, then I looked at the A4 embossing I did, and noticed that the embossing is nice and deep at the edges, but not in the centre. I am disappointed, what now??



Have you contacted our customer support? This may be a faulty machine, but we need to go through troubleshooting. Please email

Team Craftwell


I have had it jam a couple of times and eventually it corrected itself. Guess I better find my rubber mallet.


I have had one Cheery Lynn die that didn't cut well. In other machines you run it through toward the side not the middle. I tried one die through 3 times and it didn't cut. I don't know if I can use the metal plate that I use in the Big Shot and the Cuddlebug. Maybe I can get an answer from customer service. Otherwise I love it. It has saved my arthritic hands.



We love hearing when our products make it easy on our customers to create! I wanted to share the cherry lynn die combo! I'm pretty sure you have it correct, but just in the event that that was causing issues with your machine!

The combination is as follows:
Platform A
Cutting Die
Platform C
Platform B
Platform D

Please contact our support if you have any other questions!
Team Craftwell


I've got a bad jam this time and rubber mallet isn't working .


Need help cannot get stuck die out


Need help can not get stuck die out