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shim E

did everyone else have have shim E in with there ebosser package as if so mine seems to be missing




I did a quick check on the homepage and this is what it lists comes in your box when you bring it home:

In the Box
Power Adapter
Instruction Manual
(1) Embossing/Cutting Platform
(3) Base Platforms
(1) Shim

Hang on while I go check what I have....Ok, I see that the E plate is a very thin flexible plastic sheet.
Double check that yours didn't get stuck between two of the thicker plates.

I've had great sucess in emailing them company with direct questions. I find that they answer right away and are always happy to do so. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Have a great creative day... I plan to!

:) Febe


no don't have an e shim i have a magnetic sheet though to use with the spellbinder dies. how strange must be different set up for different distributors just to confuse me even more lol x
my friend who bought hers from another shop has got the E shim but no magnetic sheet. mind you the magnetic sheet is really useful as stops the spellbinders wizzing about on the plate. just looked in our books and they are different too mine says to use magnetic shim on top f B plate under die. and her book says use shim E between D and C. does the same thing in the end i suppose but strange that there are different versions going around we are both in UK.
happy crafting gill x


Mine came with the "E" It is a very thin platform. You should have A through E in your box. I did not get a magnetic sheet....I bought my Ebosser the week they were available, but unfortunately not from HSN -- I believe the HSN package was a little different


mine with the mag sheet was on pre order and my mates she bought her's from another shop but hadn't pre ordered it just bought it from their stock. oh well between us we have differnt mats to play with.

I just purchased the Ebosser and I did not receive the E Shim I received the magnetic shim and a thin rubber embossing mat so my question is should we have the E shim in our packages if so who do we contact to have them delivered to us


Hello Everyone!

We just wanted to stop by to clear up some confusion!

The first shipments of the machines come equipped with Shim 'E' a white plastic shim. The magnetic shim is exactly shim E, only it is magnetic to hold magnetic dies in place. The magnetic shim is a newer accessory, and is only found on newer shipments, however you can purchase the magnetic shim seperately. Please cotact our customer support form places when you can find them!

Team Craftwell


This is all very interesting. And it makes sence to have a magnetic shim ... so to make life easier on all, esp. the Craftwell team, could you just tell us where to purchase this piece and other accessories? Seems nutso to have everyone email and ask you when you can just put up a list for all to see and check.

I myself would love to get the magnetic shim, as well as some others. I use my machine alot and would like to have extra platforms and plates.

Thanks much!



I too would like to order the magnetic shim but it is not on your web site, Would be nice to know how to go about ordering this item!!!


Hi,I just bought the e-bosser today and have the magnetic shim but my instruction manual doesn't say when to use it,do I use it for all dies ??


It is the magnetic sheet that came with it I think.


I need to know how to use the metal plate I bought. It says its for quilting and I assumed it was for thin dies which don't cut well. What is the sandwich for this?I don't want to jam the machine again.