HELP!!! Problem with Ebosser

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HELP!!! Problem with Ebosser

Problem started just before Christmas as i was making Christmas cards - note I was only making 7 cards, but it seemed to straighten out and I was able to complete my task. Today - December 31 - as I prepared to create two (2) cards and needed to cut some Spellbinder dies my machine would turn itself off each time the platform broke the plain, at the point where is should start pulling the material into the machine, the machine literally turns itself off. This machine is only 3 - 4 months old..the stack was not too large i had to pull out my Big Shot (the one I almost sent away to my granddaughter) to complete that task; not sure what could be causing this problem. Help!!

Pam Reed


correction - my machine would turn itself off each time the platform crosses the plane


How do you get answeres to questions we are having with the ebosser. My ebosser jams, turns completely off and can not get the plate out. It was supposed to kick out automatically if it was too thick or what. Tried calling customer service but can't talk to anyone, they want you to leave a message for a call back. I need warranty info because I am thinking something is wrong with this ebosser, this is the second time it has jammed instead of kicking out, the first jam took me over an hour to feed it through, 1/32 at a time and each time I had to hit the power button , it would turn off, have to hit it again....VERY FRUSTRATING. If anyone is having this problem please respond and let me know how you corrected the jam.


Pam have you gotten a reply from craftwell regarding your problem?


Send your question to both tech support: and Customer service: got my problem worked out...generally when it cuts off it means that the platform stack is incorrect...the machine can be very picky about this... When I first got it I put in something that was too big and it jammed...there are some responses in the forum about what to do.....I just kept turning off and on while pushing it backward and it finally release the sandwich...this latest problem I had it just did not like the stack as I created is working just fine now...hopes this helps


Not sure if this helps or not but my machine jammed yesterday with the platforms half in and half out - just turned itself off. As soon as you pressed the "on" button it tried to take the sandwich in but didn't. I emailed Customer Services (I am in the UK) and their advice was to take an object (piece of wood), place it on ONE of the thick plates at the rear of the machine and hit it gently with a rubber mallet........after doing this (in partnership with my OH as it's impossible to do on your own) with increasing force each time - nothing......... In the end my OH held on tight to the machine whilst holding down the "on" button and I grabbed the sandwich from the front and pulled and eventually came out and seems to be working okay now. Obviously the machine turning itself off is a safety feature but at least when having this problem with the BS or similar you can just crank the handle in reverse to get things out! Hope this helps if it happens again.


Mine jammed and I sent it for repair. The repair person said that he or she pulled it out by hand. I couldn't do that because the reason I got the machine is trouble with my hands cramping when I work with the Big Shot too long.


Question about sandwiches. On the sanwiches provided for some of the sandwiches it mentions 2 or 3 A plates. Where can you buy them? And the rubber mat which i assume is not the magnetic one. I have one for the Grand Calibur but don't know if that would work.


mine has just done the exact same thing,and the stack is right, i don't want to damage it but it seems stuck fast and won't come back on.


I have just received my eBosser, after reading all the comments, I am having second thoughts....
Should I worry or return it and get my money refunded!!!!


Jasu, I would return it!!! Don't even open the box! I tried to return mine once I realized it would not do what I thought it would and the company was going to charge me $40+ because I had opened the box. I was told that they could not seel it as new because of that. I had never even used it!. Not willing to lose $40, I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try. In order to get it to cut the paper (regular old cardstock), it put so much pressure on the platform that it etched the image into the plastic (platform A)! So now, I can't even return it for $40 less. Moral of this story, RUN! Get your money back and only touch this machine while wearing white kid gloves!


I had this exact same experience. I am new to this forum and cannot find a way to see where the answers are located. Is there an answer to this problem?


Alright, have you ever owned a different manufacture of die cutting product? After a period of time, the plates get worn, crack and the die will be etched onto the plastic.It is just part of the process. If you are having problems with pressure, try different plates. Good luck!


Ok here are some instructions for unjamming your machine and on the etching of the cutting plates (directly from craftwell) There customer service is beyond amazing, so please don't hesitate to contact them via phone or email:

As far as people complaining about the plates being etched, I'm glad you know that it is completely normal. :) You don't understand how many people expect a replacement plate because of the etches in theirs. The plates are designed to take the damage.

Lastly, If your machine gets jammed you can try the following and see if the machine will unjam.

Try powering the machine off and holding the power button for 5 seconds.
In some cases, the motor will turn on in reverse and push the platforms out.

If that doesn't work, try powering the machine off and unplugging it
for 24 hours. After this period, plug it back in and turn it back on.

The motors should have reset over the 24 hour period and the machine
should automatically start rejecting the combo.

If that doesn't work, the last procedure would require a wooden plank
(ie cutting board) and a rubber mallet (not a regular hammer!)

Line up the wooden plank with one of the platforms that looks like it
will be the easiest to loosen and use the rubber mallet to hit the
wooden plank against the platforms and out of the machine.

Alternatively, if any of these three suggestions don't work, you can send the
machine in to us to be unjammed free of charge as per warranty
provided the platform combination used was the correct one.

Team Craftwell


Hello everyone,

We have several online retailers that carry replacement platforms. As msrhetta mentioned, the 'A'plate is a consumable, and it is meant to be used and replaced. This is because the eBosser is high mechanical pressure machine, and is very industrial. Unlike other machines out there, this one can withstand a lot of use, and because of it, it also has mechanism that will shut off to avoid breaking, or injuring the user. If you are expericing issues with your machine or have any additonal questions, please contact our suppor at

Team Craftwell


I had problems with jamming when cutting really thick items so now I make sure I push it through evenly when even pressure and it will cut the cardboard I put in. Make sure you have the correct sandwich always as well. One time it stopped with something thin so I turned it off and on and guided it through slowly with hand pressure. That seems to solve the problem. I always guide it slowly and evenly until I can feel it take it on it's own. That is the secret to this machine. Really thick cardboard from a regular box used for shipping will take some muscle to slowly and evenly push it through until it takes. But it will do it and nicely. I would not cut anything thicker or use metal or the blades will get damaged. I have tried plastic, material but not vinyl yet. As long as it is not too thick. Your plate A will get cut marks from normal use. Buy an extra A plate to have on hand. Unplug after each use. Let it rest at night. I use mine almost each day. As with any machine you have to know the tricks and how it works best. What it will do safely and what it won't. It does have the bigger plateform to cut little die cuts and for large ebossing folders which I can't wait to buy the 8X11 inch ones. It comes with one as a teaser. The vagabond is good too and has the longer plates but the plateform is smaller. I bought two large diecuts and realized I could not cut them without the larger 24X12 plates not available. I will use them at my friends when I want to cut them for now.
Happy Ebossing


I have the same problem the machine would not cut chipboard (thick cardboard), it would not cut funky foam, with Sizzix Bigz dies, there is only one possible sandwich with the platforms supplied. I also found the last die I used didn't cut through one end, the cutting blades were just a tiny bit longer than the platform. The dies are always longer, but this time the blades were too. I bought a new A4 embossing folder by Crafts Too, the machine would not take it, and after switching off a few times it reversed. I now own a rubber mallet, it is on standby! I have had to get my Big Shot out several times in the past couple of weeks now to cut what the eBosser won't. I can't use my new embossing folder in it, don't know what to do.
Is the advice now to get a complete second set of platforms at a cost of nearly half of the original machine cost? What can I do? Sizzlets also won't cut properly or at all on the combination given or other combinations with the original platforms either. Will the metal adaptor sheet help in any way?


I just got mine stuck tight also!! I have tried the "pushing the on button back on" again and again as someone earlier mentioned, but at one point it ceases to make any progress. My stack is just stuck!! I called their ph #, but could not talk to anyone, so sent an e-mail as the phone message suggested.


I'm also stuck!! I tried every trick I can think of oas well as those recommended. My sandwich went nearly all the way thru' then started backing up. No matter what I do, it will only go forward almost to the end, then reverse and go back in. What do I do now? My machine is several years old, and has worked beautifully up until yesterday. I love my ebosser. Can anyone help me?


I'm also stuck!! I tried every trick I can think of
as well as those recommended. My sandwich went nearly all the way thru' then started backing up. No matter what I do, it will only go forward almost to the end, then reverse and go back in. What do I do now? My machine is several years old, and has worked beautifully up until yesterday. I love my ebosser. Can anyone help me?


I've used my machine a couple of times and it worked fine, then I let it sit for a while without using it and not it won't even turn on.  I took out the cord and put it back in and the light doesn't even light up on the machine, but it's green on the cord.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I haven't even gotten much use out of it yet, so disappointed after paying over $200.00 on HSN.