Tips and Tricks


I see a Pressure Selection Dial. What does it do?…
The pressure selection dial adjusts your pressure setting. The settings range from 1 to 8 and you can increase the pressure by half level increments.

What pressure setting do I use for my paper…
Generally speaking, the thinner the paper, the lower your pressure setting should be; the thicker the paper, the higher your pressure setting should be. Here are some pressure setting guidelines to help you determine the thickness of your paper:
20lb Staples copy paper: 2 (with a layer of cardstock underneath it)
Adhesive backed vinyl (kiss-cut): 2 
Vellum: 4
Me & My Big Ideas Specialty Cardstock: 5 
DCWV Textured Cardstock: 5 or 6
K & Company Designer Paper: 6 or 7
Bazzill Premium Cardstock: 7 or 8
American Crafts Glitter Cardstock: 8
Shrinky Dinks: 8 (multi-cut 2)
Chipboard: 8 (multi-cut 3)

What are tabs?…
The eCraft cutting machine does not require the use of a mat; instead, it creates tabs in order to hold an image in place. There are two tab settings- Density and Width. By adjusting the Density, you are adjusting the amount of tabs the eCraft will create on an image. By adjusting the Width, you are adjusting the size of each individual tab that the eCraft will create. The highest Density setting is 2 and the highest Width setting is 3. Depending on individual preference, you can set your tabs to any combination you’d like. Most of our testing is done at a setting of D2 W1.
REMEMBER, tabs are needed to keep an image from moving around. Unless you are cutting a single simple shape, we recommend keeping your tabs at a setting of at least D1 W1. 
When kiss-cutting vinyl or other adhesive backed materials where you only want to cut the top layer, set your tab Density to 0.  Set the Density to 0 for stabilized fabric as well.


Powering on my eCraft…
Make sure your eCraft cutting machine is plugged in. If it is, make sure the two pieces of the power cord are tightly secured, and then press the on/off button. If it still won’t turn on, check again to make sure the power cord pieces are securely attached. If they are, try a different power outlet.

Attaching the paper tray…
Remove the thumb screws from the connecting rods. Be sure to slide the tray fully on the connecting rods. Reinsert the thumb screws and tighten on both sides of the paper tray.

Do I need to use the paper tray?…
You don't have to! You only need to attach the paper tray when cutting in Tray or Roll modes. The eCraft can be used in Manual mode without the tray and roller attachment.

Locating the accessories…
Your eCraft cutting machine comes with a number of accessories which are included in the convenient built in storage tray. The storage tray is located on the back right side of the eCraft. Push the tray in (you will hear it click) and it will pop out. Slide the tray out to access the contents: SD Card, 4 blades, 1 pen, and tweezers. Push the tray back in (you will hear it click) to secure it.

When to remove the grey blade cap… 
We recommend leaving the blade safety cap on while cutting with your eCraft. The only time you would want to remove it is when you are cutting a thick material (like foam). You can remove the cap as well as the pen, which will provide more room for the thicker material to fit under the trolley.

‘Please Insert SD Card’ on the LCD Screen… 
Remove your SD Image Card from the machine. Be sure the label on your SD Card is facing up. Reinsert and press RESET. If the problem persists, please call customer support at 888-315-8885.


Feeding paper in Manual mode…
Whether you are using a 12x12 sheet or a smaller piece of paper, make sure it is lined up straight with the front rollers. Use one hand to hold the Cutting Navigation UP arrow button, and the other hand to guide the paper in. This will help prevent crooked feeds. Cutting begins at the bottom left of an image, so make sure you feed in enough paper so your selection fits.
You can position the blade/pen trolley anywhere on the paper using the Cutting Navigation LEFT and RIGHT arrow buttons. Again, make sure you leave yourself enough room to the right, since images are cut from the bottom left.

Feeding paper in Tray mode…
Make sure your Paper Support Insert is in your paper tray and aligned with the raised lip above the opening inside the tray (diagram on pg. 4 of user manual). Place your sheet(s) of paper in the tray, on top of the Paper Support Insert. Once you select your images, press the CUT button, and the machine will feed the paper automatically.
REMEMBER to make sure you are in Tray mode (your mode is displayed in the top left corner of the LCD display). Press the mode/back button until you get to the Mode Selection Tab Setting screen. Continue to press the mode/back button until Tray/Maximize is highlighted, and then press ENTER.


Achieving a clean cut….
First, take off the blade safety cap and make sure there are no fibers in the cap, on the blade, or around the blade.
Try changing your blade. A dull blade can cause tearing so see if the problem persists after changing out your blade for a fresh one (See the user manual for step-by-step instructions).
Your tab settings might need to be adjusted. Press the mode/back button to check your tab settings. You adjust the tab settings by using the Selection arrow buttons (LEFT/RIGHT to adjust Density, UP/DOWN to adjust Width). 
Make sure your paper is fed in straight. If it is not lined up with the rollers, the paper may feed in crooked and can tear.
If your paper has a smooth side and a rough side, feed the paper in with the rough side up. 
Use the pressure selection dial to select the appropriate setting for the material being cut.

Thin paper…
Your paper might be too thin and could need stabilization. Try layering it on top of a thicker piece of cardstock, and set your pressure to a low setting (try 2). The cardstock will serve as a stabilizer and the blade should only cut the top layer of paper, leaving the bottom piece intact. If a 2 doesn’t work, raise the pressure to a 3 or 4 and try again. REMEMBER, when layering sheets of paper as described above, be sure to keep the eCraft in Manual mode, and position you blade near the bottom left corner.

What color should the rollers appear?...
The rollers are oxidized metal, and will appear in various shades of copper/brown.  This is completely normal and part of the manufacturing process.

Clearing the roller system…
Loosen the screw on the Scrap Removal Access Panel located on the underside of the machine. This will expose the roller system and allow you to remove scraps or jams.
For additional help with your eCraft, please email us at

See your user manual to learn about functions like Pause, Delete and Cancel!**