Please read the user manual thoroughly before using the Cut’n’Boss Fully Automatic Embosser & Die Cutter as the Cut’n’Boss is compatible with most embossing folders & cutting dies.


Cut’N’Boss Tip #1

Platforms should be stacked neatly one on top of the other with flushed edges.

Cut’N’Boss Tip #2

Do not feed platforms into the Cut’n’Boss on an angle.

Cut’N’Boss Tip #3

Do not force the platform combination into the machine.

Cut’N’Boss Tip #4

Do not remove platforms until the motor has stopped running.

Cut’N’Boss Tip #5

Once the motor has stopped running, remove platforms from the back of the Cut’n’Boss.

In order to emboss with thin metal dies…

Please refer to the platform chart to see if it requires the embossing mat (sold separately).

If the material has not been cut properly…

Check that the cutting die is not damaged.

If platforms are rejected from the device…

Check if too much material has been placed for cutting or embossing.

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