Siphon Adapter Kit

To avoid cross-contamination, thoroughly clean the siphon adaptor & its parts before first & after each consecutive use. Always use the siphon adaptor in a well-ventilated area.

Siphon Adapter Tip #1

Thoroughly clean the siphon adaptor & its parts before first & after every use. This will limit cross-contamination & keep your siphon in working condition.

Siphon Adapter Tip #2

Designate the bottles & siphon cup to different liquid mediums to prevent cross-contamination.

Siphon Adapter Tip #3

While holding down on the eBrush trigger, adjust the nozzle until you achieve the desired spray.

Siphon Adapter Tip #4

Test on a surface other than your final surface to check the spray.

For dilution ratios…

We are currently working on the dilution ratio list. Please contact Customer Support and they will direction you to someone on our design team.

If the siphon adapter is not spraying…

Please refer to the Set-up-instructions to see all steps.

If the plastic tube is too difficult to insert into the nozzle…

Please refer to the BR-MAN-SGB2_Insert3 to see all steps.

What kind of warranty is offered?

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