SNAP Machine

Introducing the brilliant new SNAP Machine, a robust automatic die-cutting and embossing machine in miniature size!

Brought to you from Craftwell, the SNAP offers the same excellent die-cutting and embossing abilities as any standard-size manual or automatic machine, but it comes in a compact and portable design so you can use it anywhere you like, including where space is limited.

As it is fully automatic, it is really easy to use. Its inner rollers are made from durable hardened steel to ensure you get excellent results and a product that lasts.

Use it to cut or emboss card, vellum, paper, and other thin materials up to 300gsm / 111lb. (The SNAP is not suitable for cutting fabric.)

It comes with the cutting plates as standard, as well as faceplates (fascias), spare plates, a rubber sheet and a magnetic sheet.

Along with the machine, you’ll receive interchangeable fascias (in different color options). Change these SNAP Fascias to match your crafting mood!

You’ll also receive a chargeable lithium battery. The SNAP Machine Lithium Battery will charge when it is in the SNAP Machine and when it is plugged in and the power button is off.

The light on the top of the machine will flash when the battery is charging.

It will last in ‘normal usage’ for approximately 2 hours (full charge approx. 2.5 hours).

The chargeable battery means the SNAP is cordless and portable, enabling you to use it both in and out of the home!

The battery provides approximately 400 charges, an average of 2-3 years of use.

Please note: The SNAP Machine comes with a 1-year warranty.


1 SNAP Machine

  • Faceplates (Teal)
  • Spare Plates
  • 2 x A Plates,
  • B Plate
  • 1 Rubber Sheet
  • 1 Magnetic Sheet

  • SNAP Lithium Battery

  • SNAP Front and Back Fascias – Magenta Color


*NEW* SNAP Replacement Plates are available to purchase on





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